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We are now worshiping in person at St. Paul’s UCC at 10:30 am. You can still view our services live online beginning at 10:30 am. To join us please click on the green button above.

Why Choose St. Paul’s United Church of Christ?

We are a committed, joyous, faith community that is diverse in education, jobs, opinions and backgrounds. We are a church that is called to serve God and serve others through our prayers, words and deeds.

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We, the congregation of St. Paul’s United Church of Christ, who have accepted the gift of love and salvation through Jesus Christ, strive to take this message into the world through our prayers, words and deeds. We invite all people to accept these gifts with us.

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At St. Paul’s, worship is the foundation of who we are as a church. From inspiring music, to sermons that will make you laugh and think, we believe we have a unique style in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where we welcome all to worship with us!

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133 Church St., P.O. Box 177
Bowmansville, PA 17507
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Phone: 717-445-6256
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Photo of Pastor Phil Shober and his wife Gerri
Pastor Phil Shober and his wife, Gerri

Phil grew up in Ephrata Pa and is a lifelong Lancaster countian.  After graduating from Ephrata High School in 1978 he went to West Chester University to study business, and in his freshman year (in philosophy 101) the prettiest girl he had ever seen walked in a little late for the first day of class….a Philly girl named Gerri.

Phil and Gerri were married right after college graduation in 1981, and after a brief time working and living on a horse farm in Chester county, they moved “back home “ to Lancaster county, where they bought a property in Brecknock township, built their own little horse farm, and raised 3 children….Kathleen, Ross and Grace. 

After 36 years in commercial banking for Phil and a long career in speech pathology for Gerri, they are both retired and still live on their Malsnee Rd farm.  They keep active with their 3 children and 7 grandchildren!   

Dogs and horses also continue to keep Phil and (especially) Gerri busy and entertained.  Their barn currently has 2 horses and one pony, and 3 dogs are on paw patrol.  Gerri enjoys reading, piano, exercising, and trying new recipes.  Phil also enjoys reading, strumming the guitar, taking care of the properties, and Gerri’s great cooking.  Phil has been a part of a men’s bible study group for over 15 years, and together they are part of a couple’s bible study group which they co-founded, called “the Wisdom Seekers”.    

About 10 years ago, Phil and Gerri founded “Grace House”, which is an extended care residence for women in recovery.  The Grace House has become an important part of their lives, and the lives of many others.  Six years ago it evolved to include “Grace House Blessings“, which is a special church service the first Sunday of every month.  “GHB “ was started in the living room of the Denver Grace House.  Today, GHB is held at St Paul’s church, where there is now room to invite friends, family and alumni. 

Phil was excited to take this opportunity with St. Paul’s as a second calling to be able to reach out and minister to all in need of God’s loving words. Phil is also excited to be furthering his education through the Lancaster Theological Seminary and various additional resources  provided by our conference.   He has been the Authorized Minister of St. Paul’s through the Lancaster Association of the United Church of Christ for the past 2 years. 

Meet Pastor Phil Shober

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– Email: philipshober@gmail.com Phone: 610-780-3915

Devotional – stillspeaking

Then Jesus said to them, “Do you not yet understand?”
– Mark 8:21 (NRSV)

When We Don’t Get It
Martha Spong

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Worship and Sing.
Listen and Learn.
Serve and Share.

From worship to education to music and beyond, St. Paul’s UCC Bowmansville is a church whose members are called to serve God and serve the community through ministries and outreach.

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